Why Investing In Plots Is The Right Decision?

If you have landed on this article, most probably you are considering buying a plot in Whitefield. Congratulations, you made the right and intelligent choice. Throughout Bangalore, there are many real estate plots available for sale. However, a careful analysis of real estate trend will point towards investing in plots in Whitefield. Whitefield has turned out to be one of the most sought after real estate investment destination.

As one of the largest the largest tech hubs in all of Asia, Whitefield houses some of the international and reputed companies. In fact, there is a huge boom in the growth of International Technology Park of Bangalore (ITPB) and Export Promotion Industrial Park (EPIP) in Whitefield. As a result, Whitefield has become a hugely buzzing suburban location and is currently one of the largest tech hubs in all of Asia and this has led to its growing popularity amongst residential buyers. In the Whitefield area, the demand for quality residential spaces has been ever increasing mostly by the IT professionals who are working in offices nearby. This area also has many land parcels that are available for residential development with good physical infrastructure of top-notch quality.

Connectivity wise, prime centres of the city are easily accessible from Whitefield. Whitefield is in close proximity to the Old Madras Road. From Whitefield Main Road, Whitefield is excellently connected to several parts of the city and is in close links to Varthur Road, Outer Ring road and Old Airport Road. The City railway station is located approximately 3.5 kilometres away while the Whitefield railway station is located around 5 kilometres away from it. The Bangalore International Airport is around 49 kilometres away and can be accessed through the State Highway 104 from Whitefield. Between the Byappanahalli and Kadugodi, the Namma Metro’s second phase is being developed at a rapid phase. These developments are expected to boost connectivity for residents in the future and should definitely boost the residential realty market here.

Although limited, as of now, the individual land plots are available in Whitefield. In the coming years, the prices of land plots are likely to further increase. Therefore, make your investment as soon as possible. Shriramland plots offer the best individual plot deal. Contact Shriramland plots for site visit.


Why investing in Redsoil Heaven property will be the best decision ever?

Don’t just buy flats. Make your investment turn you in a smart owner. Welcome to the choice of many intelligent investors—Redsoil Developers land property. Redsoil Developers land property is one of the best realty investments that will assure you a secure investment that will appreciate its value in time. Redsoil Developers land is one of the finest places for real estate land purchase in Bangalore. Redsoil Developers land, Whitefield is approved by BMRDA and is situated in a green and luscious environment away from noisy part of the city.

While buying plots, Redsoil Developers Land is a name you can trust. Your investment is safe and secure when you invest in Redsoil Developers Land. Since 2003, the Redsoil Developers Land Group has been marking its presence in the Indian realty and gaining the trust of customers through measurable and customer-centric projects. As one of the leading real estate brands in India, Redsoil Developers Land is committed to transparent operations in all its dealings with an uncompromising business ethics and focus on quality in all its endeavours.

Over the years of their operation, Redsoil Developers Land has constantly contributed in the real estate development of Bangalore. Redsoil Developers land team makes a genuine attempt to design individual land plots for the value-conscious buyer. Redsoil Developers land also makes efficient plans to reduce wastage, sensible amenities and sustainable living. Driven by the mission to provide quality residential spaces, Redsoil Developers Land is offering individual land plots for sale. These land plots are approved by the Government and all sorts of quality checks have been done. Redsoil Developers Land is also venturing into gated communities with state-of-the-art amenities in an eco-friendly environment. Each realty projects are well-planned and are high quality in design to improve the quality of life of the resident dwellers. They cover all the important basic requirements of urban lifestyle and are also strategically located to provide accessibility and connectivity to important centres of the city. Most of the projects are located in top residential locations of Bangalore such as Sarjapur-ORR junction, J.P.Nagar, E-city, Budigere cross, Hennur road, Mangadu, Vandalur and more. Redsoil Developers Land boast of the best price-value combination in locations they are present in. Better efficiency combined with great prices make their projects the best investment customer will ever make.

Why Investing In Plots Is The Right Decision?

After gold, the second-best option many Indians prefer to invest in real estate plots. Plots are one of the most secure investments. The price of gold is volatile but when you invest in real estate plots, you can be assured of a higher return on investment soon. Investing in plots also gives the owner the freedom and flexibility to resize and change the construction layout.

The prices of land plots are different and will vary according to location, land size, demand, and also the availability of space. Investing in plots is the most secure and beneficial investment for the near future. Many investors choose to invest in plots as popular investment choices continue to grow for better resale value when contrasted with other residential properties. This is especially true appreciate if the basic infrastructure around the property grows, thus ensuring higher returns on investment.

As compared to residential plots, the prices of land are relatively lower which should be a big incentive for you to buy. The property tax is also lower for plots in comparison to immovable property such as residential apartments or villas. A closer look will also point that there is no maintenance required, leading to cost savings.

One of the prime reasons why one should consider investing in plots is because of their high appreciation value. Experienced investors are always on the lookout for searching for something that will unavoidably increase its appreciation value. Investing in plots has a better propagation value. Considering this aspect, investing in land properties is the ideal provision to get your money doubled in no time.

Another important selling point of plots is that plots are delivered without any hassles. It is way faster in the process of clearance. It also relieves the buyer from any fixed financial obligations once the payment is made.

Another important selling point of plots is that plots are delivered without any hassles. It is way faster in the process of clearance. It also relieves the buyer from any fixed financial obligations once the payment is made.

Lastly, when purchasing a plot of land, the buyer gets an added advantage of utilizing the space of the plot as per the plot buyer’s requirement and affordability. Take, for example, one cannot increase or decrease the number of rooms in an apartment whereas one can do so in the case of land, after acquiring necessary permits and sanctions.

Considering these crucial points, plots are an excellent investment to make. It does not matter whether the investor is a beginner or an experienced investor, the right plot investment will bring value to the investment.



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